Everything changes. Life moves quickly. The future is unpredictable.

By the time we’re in our 30s most of us know these statements to be true. But one that many of us don’t realize is: Fertilty declines quickly after age 35. At 35, a woman still has an 85% chance of conception in a year, but did you know that by 40 that has declined to just 25%.

Yes, 75% of 40 year olds will have trouble conceiving.

Todays women don’t necessarily have time to have kids before 35. Relationships are unpredictable and the demands of education and career can make it impossible to find the time to have and raise kids.

Now,  there is a solution. A woman can freeze her eggs and STOP TIME. Yup, the biologic clock can be stopped in the eggs once they are frozen. A woman can then thaw and fertilize the eggs in order to conceive later in life, when she is ready.

Its like an insurance policy. Freeze eggs now to halt aging just in case you need them later.

At AFAMG, we want this insurance policy to be in reach of every woman who dreams of having children some day. We will freeze and STORE your eggs for 5 years for only $5200. That’s about $1000/year! Well worth it to be sure that your dreams come true….When you’re ready!