If you are trying to have a child, you can consider using fertility techniques to determine your baby’s gender. Medical science can now determine the sex of an embryo before placing it in the uterus. By checking each embryo for X and Y chromosomes, we can be sure that we are transferring embryos only of a given gender, giving you the opportunity to choose the sex of your child with an amazing level of accuracy.

Miscarriages are  mostly due to a genetic problem. They are due to a wrong number of chromosomes (the structures that carry the genes).  This becomes more common as the eggs age or are damaged by toxins. Genetic testing (PGS) can help you determine if an embryo has the correct number and combination of chromosomes. When only normal embryos are transferred, the Risk of Miscarriage falls to almost zero.

The Genes from your parents that determine simple characteristics like eye color and hair color also can cause you to inherit the risk of developing certain Genetic Diseases. These diseases are due to defects in specific genes, missing genes or genes that are unstable. Genetic testing (PGS) can determine if an embryo has the disease gene or not. Only normal embryos are then transferred.